Feminists, Foundations, and “Freedom”

Here’s a little hot topic that I feel inclined to discuss. It will absolutely piss some people off, but at this point, I feel it’s necessary for me to stand my ground and make some valid foundations and backgrounds for my opinions on very sensitive issues. That issue: abortion.

So the SCOTUS just voted to shoot down abortion regulations in Texas, causing the jubilation of feminists around the country as well as a combination of repulsion and sadness of pro-lifers across the country. I decided to state my bafflement on the reactions of people to this vote, and was sickened by what I saw.

GIFs and images of women jumping up and down due to the excitement about their “reproductive freedom.” Feminist tweets saying “suck it, pro-lifers! #prochoice” all over Twitter. The absolute jubilation of people for their ability to have abortions whenever and wherever they want to because they should be free to do what they want with their bodies without any repercussions or consideration for any other involved parties. Like the baby. I expressed my feelings in a tweet, essentially saying that I was baffled that women could be so happy for these “reproductive rights”—human life is ripped from the womb unwillingly and these women are excited that they can be the one to choose to end a life. Naturally, I received a reply that told me reproductive rights had nothing to do with my “intrusive agenda” (which didn’t make sense) and that if I hated abortions so much, then I should just “don’t have one.”

Oh. Please. Light the fire under my anger, woman.

Don’t put words in my mouth. Don’t tell me that I have an “intrusive agenda” when I’m stating my opinion on a matter (Also, what is my agenda? And what the hell am I intruding? Just because you use big words doesn’t mean you’re correct in any sense of the word). Don’t be SO narrow-minded that you refuse to have a civil discussion on a matter because YOU’RE right and you’re NEVER wrong.  Don’t start an argument on TWITTER behind your little phone screen where you’re ten times tougher than you actually are.

Let me make a few things clear and set up the foundation of this argument.

What is abortion?

The dictionary definition for abortion is the “deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.” It is the “premature ending of a pregnancy.” It is the “removal of a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus.” In a rough description, abortion—medically—is the termination of a pregnancy through way of lethal injection into the womb; there is no harm intended for the mother, and the pregnancy is, in essence, ended.

What is pregnancy?

The dictionary definition of pregnancy is the “state of carrying a fetus/embryo within the female body.” It’s the “period from conception to birth.” Roughly, pregnancy is the growth of life within a creature; the joining of sperm to egg resulting in a new being, an entirely new entity. The being has a combination of the DNA from the mother and father, resulting in its own unique set of DNA.  This being grows and develops within the mother until it is mature and ready to enter the world.

So if you break down the definition for abortion… termination = ending. Pregnancy = life. Abortion is the ending of life within one person by another person. Abortion is facilitated murder.

You can’t pretend that a baby isn’t being developed during pregnancy. We’ve all been through biology. We all understand or are at least aware of what happens during sex and pregnancy. We all know that a human can’t get pregnant and have a baby kitten or puppy or velociraptor. There is a BABY inside of you; the only difference is its varying levels of development. It’s still growing, developing, forming, and living.

After we all agree that a baby is present during a pregnancy, it becomes a question of the medical procedure for abortion. There are different ways that the procedure is done, but the end result in all of them is same: the termination of the pregnancy. The ending of life. This may be through saline solution that burns the baby alive. Or crushing of the skull. Or mutilating the body in order to remove it from the womb, and sometimes these parts are sold for profit—which is illegal, yet is still occurring because the government pushes it under the rug. Funny thing about pushing things under the rug though; it’s still there. And the pile is growing.

So in a short summary, abortion is the ending of life through inhumane acts. If anyone was to submerge a child in a saline solution for a period of time while they suffocate on their own bodies, there would be an outcry. When a child is murdered and mutilated by horrible people, there is horror and outrage. Just because you can’t SEE what is happening inside the mother’s womb does not mean that it isn’t happening. There is still the murder of a developing child in the womb, who is unable to fight or stop anything from occurring. It’s the murdering of innocents. It’s cowardly.

Further on the issue of the SCOTUS decision, the regulation of abortion practices was not approved. HOW is this empowering to women when clinics aren’t even mandated to have access to services, should anything go awry? How is it okay that there aren’t regulations on who is allowed to perform these services on women? How is this a good thing in any sense of the matter? When the next woman is bleeding out in a clinic room because of a botched abortion and paramedics are unable to safely reach the woman with a gurney because the clinic wasn’t up to a certain code because there are no regulations for these practices, please explain to me how empowering abortions are for women.

When this girl on Twitter decided to argue with me on abortion, she kept repeating that if I didn’t like abortion, “don’t get one.” However, this solves NO problems. Abortion is a perpetual cycle. As long as everyone continues to do it, more and more innocent lives will be taken, responsibility will not be taken for any actions, instant gratification is perpetuated, the quality and respect for life will continue to diminish because life is considered feeble or unnecessary enough to preserve, and the cycle becomes an overwhelming disaster on humanity. The narrow-minded answer of “don’t get an abortion” does nothing to enhance the quality of life for anyone else in this world.

Pushing further into this topic, more things appall me about the treatment of human life. If a pregnant woman is murdered, it is considered a double homicide. The dictionary definition of homicide is the deliberate and unlawful killing of a person by another. A double homicide would be considered the killing of two human lives. Yet in abortion, the baby isn’t considered a human.

In the US, the killing of an eagle egg is a federal crime, where you can be imprisoned and fined for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet with abortion, the federal government allows the killing of a baby to be legal.

People try to pass this all off by saying things like “it’s not a baby, it’s a fetus.” “It’s not developed yet, so it can’t feel things and it can’t be considered a human.” “It’s just a mass of cells.”

Well, if you really want me to, I can start calling YOU a mass of cells too. That’s technically what you are.

A baby/fetus doesn’t become less than human because of what you choose to call it. It doesn’t suddenly become a baby or a human when it is outside the womb, while inside the womb, it’s not considered to be human. It is a living, breathing being that feels pain, grows stronger each day, is birthed into this world, and matures into people like you and me. Just because you change the terminology to desensitize yourself from the reality of the situation doesn’t mean that this being is NOT a human life. The things you choose to call a developing baby doesn’t detract from the reality of what is present; a human being.

Our generation’s culture of instant gratification and the pursuit for pleasure without consequence has delved us into a deep pit of atrocity. We use people and we use things in order to raise ourselves up, ignoring those we step on. We have casual sex with people because it feels good and you can desensitize yourself from what is actually occurring. We keep saying that we’re looking for love, but we’re just looking to find something to make us feel good without any kind of pursuit or difficulty in achieving that happiness. We’ve stopped trying and we look for the nearest thing that we think could potentially please us. This leads to broken hearts and dreams, distrust for anyone around us, general dissatisfaction, accidental pregnancies, and intentional abortions because these “accidents” don’t fit into our plans for our lives. It’s inconvenient to have a baby because of our lifestyles.

Society keeps telling us that we are limited as women if we become pregnant and have children, and that abortion is the way to terminate these inconveniences before they become a real problem down the road. This is not the empowerment of women.

Empowering women in the realm of pregnancy and child-birth would be providing ways for women to have access to childcare and healthcare in order for them to continue working and assisting them in their efforts to provide for themselves and their families. Empowering women would be to teach them to be mentally, physically, and spiritually strong in order to deal with the rises and falls in life. Empowering women would be to give women the opportunity to reach their potentials while also allowing them to teach their children and those around them to be strong, independent, and loving people.

Empowering women is not covering up potential “problems” by terminating their lives. That’s like killing people around you in order for you to be raised up a little higher or because someone is “inconvenient” to have around you.

This “reproductive freedom” that is such a hot button word is nothing of the sort. This “freedom” that society tells us to believe is the idea that we should be able to do what we want when we want with our bodies, having no repercussions and setbacks. This “freedom” isn’t freedom at all. We become a slave to our emotions and instincts, seeking only to feel good about things we do instead of build others up by our actions.

Matthew Kelly put the idea of “freedom” best in my mind. In “Rediscover Catholicism,” he states:

“Freedom is not the ability to do what you want. Freedom is the strength of character and the self possession to do what is good, true, noble, and right. Strength of character is not stumbled upon in life’s moments of need and desperation. Character is built little by little over days, weeks, months, years, with thousands of small and insignificant acts of discipline. Self possession is not an unearned right; it is the privilege of the few who build it, defend it, and celebrate it by disciplining themselves.”–pg. 40-41

Freedom to do what you want with your body should reflect these characteristics of goodness, nobility, strength, righteousness. Killing a developing child is none of these things.

If you think outside of your little bubble of life and to put some things into perspective, there are people in the world that have been trying to have children for years, yet are physically incapable of doing so for varying reasons. There are people that would be thrilled to have a pregnancy or get to raise a child into a world full of hope and wonder. Meanwhile, other people are throwing the lives of innocents away because it’s inconvenient to raise a child; they may feel unprepared, overwhelmed, or scared by the idea of pregnancy and parenthood, or whatever reasons they have. It all comes back to the fact that women are taught that abortion is the only answer; they are limiting themselves if they choose to have a baby. They choose the abortion because they feel trapped and they have no other options.

There needs to be a radical change of heart within this world. We can’t keep pushing this topic under the rug. We can’t continue to sit around and be silent on this topic. We need to speak for those who can’t. Murdering children is not the answer to solve our culture’s problems; we need to rediscover the beauty of human life, humanity, and cultivate this world into a better place for everyone involved; young, old, rich, poor–what have you. We must make a change before this culture continues to descend into a pit of death and despair.


5 thoughts on “Feminists, Foundations, and “Freedom”

  1. I understand your article, but I think your argument goes astray when you use dictionary terms to define an abortion and more “flowery” terms to define pregnancy.

    You also have some facts very wrong and I would suggest fact checking yourself before publishing, because you lose credibility and educated readers will pass off your argument if you are ill informed.

    Dr. Jen Gunter has a great blog that addresses some of your concerns as well as some of the ill stated facts of your address.

    Abortion isn’t a fun thing. No one ever WANTS an abortion, and I agree that if there were better supports in place then there would potentially be less abortions. However, not everyone wants to put a baby up for adoption, not every pregnancy is safe or healthy for the mother and not every woman who ends up impregnated chose to be.

    I will admit, I am both a woman who has had an abortion and a woman who has had a child and 2 miscarriages, so I have run the reproductive gambit. I never thought I would have an abortion, but I was in a situation that I didn’t feel would be a good place or time to bring a baby into this world. Being a mom is tough when you WANT the baby, and to be honest no child should be innocently brought into this world without parents who truly want to raise them.

    I support your passion and your closely held beliefs, but I do believe that every woman should be in charge of their own body. Sometimes it seems as if an unborn child, as innocent as they may be, is more important than a living, breathing, functional woman whose body they inhabit. We hear people fighting so vigilantly for these unborn babies, but once they are born, no one is there for them anymore. People complain about paying for social assistance programs, food programs, health care programs, education, etc., once that baby breathes its first breath, it is forgotten by all its advocates.


    • I appreciate your comment and your civil response. I’m sorry to hear about your miscarriages and struggles with pregnancy. I will edit some of the article to be a little more objective.

      I agree that there should be some better programs in place to aid women who may become pregnant or way to better help them following the pregnancy to prevent them from getting in financial, mental, or other difficulties. At the end of the day, I understand that disease happens, infections occur, not every pregnancy goes according to plan, and medical situations occur that place the woman’s life in jeopardy. In these situations, I understand that the woman’s life should take precedence over all else. I understand that everyone makes their own decisions, whether you try to change their mind about anything or not. A woman has her own beliefs and can make her own decisions.

      I am mostly disappointed and frustrated about people who are so narrow-minded that they refuse to look at any other point of view. There are multiple perspectives in each pregnancy that should be viewed regarding the topic and the best decision for women should made based on logic, safety, and with understanding. I think there needs to be more regulations though, as I don’t feel like clinics without set regulations and standards are protecting the health and safety of women as much as they could be.

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      • I couldn’t agree more with your reply.

        There are people on both sides of the discussion that are narrow minded and resort to name calling and belittling and I won’t stand for either side doing it. It gets us no where!

        There is certainly a need to have regulations and inspections and rules regarding procedures etc, if we are going to call it a “medical procedure”, then we need to have the facilities to back that up. There is no excuse for clinics like Kermit Gosnells or any others that take advantage of women in such a compromised position.

        We need to begin to look beyond the abortion debate and look to pregnancy prevention in teenagers, more information regarding effective long term birth control methods like IUDs, and support programs for women and children. We can’t complain about abortion and then complain about subsidized child care or health care or social assistance.

        Thanks for your awesome response by the way! This is what I love, active productive discussion in a rational and respectful way. Cheers to you!

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      • I agree with you completely. Thanks for your response as well! It’s nice to have a discussion without the angry bitterness that has become so standard with this topic. Cheers to you as well!

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